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CHCNav GNSS RTK Receivers (June 2023)

iGage's current CHCNav GNSS device offerings are listed below. The most popular devices are:

i89 for visual survey applications

iBase for Base

i83 for non-visual applications

i83 + iGR 35-watt radio for UHF Base applications

These receivers are compatible with multiple field software solutions. We recommend LandStar8 or X-PAD running on Android data collectors.

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Battery life
Works w/
Works w/
i73+ $5,490 NO 1 watt NO 1.60 24-hours YES YES [ i73+ ]
i83 call $6,290 NO 2 watt YES 2.54 34-hours YES YES [ i83 ]
i89 $7,990 YES 1 watt NO 1.65 16.5 hours
9.5 w/camera
visual NO
[ i89 ]
i93 $10,990 YES 2 watt YES 2.54 34 hours
24 w/camera
visual NO
[ i93 ]
iBASE $6,990 NO 5 watt YES 3.81 8 hours RTCM3
12 hours CHC516

Tracking: All of these devices utilize the same OEM GNSS engine with full GNSS tracking with 1408-channels taking advantage of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou (with BeiDouIII) providing robust data quality and unequaled under canopy performance and short time-to-fix in challenging environments:

GPS L1C, A, L2P(Y), L2C, L5; GLONASS L1,L2; Galileo E1, E5a, E5b, E6;
BeiDou B1I, B2I, B3I, B1C, B2a, B2b; QZSS L1, L2, L5, L6; PPP B2b-PPP; SBAS L1, L5

IMU: These devices all include an integrated IMU-GNSS with fast 3-second initialization and 200Hz updates delivering 3cm accuracy up to a 30-degree pole tilt.

Field Software: detailed comparison

LandStar8: All devices are fully compatible as native instruments with LandStar8 field software. LandStar8 is the preferred solution for new users and deployments and required for Visual Survey applications.

X-PAD: All devices are supported by X-PAD, however the visual stakeout and visual survey capabilities of the i89 and i93 are not supported.

Field Genius: All devices are compatible with Field Genius Android. Manual entry of antenna parameters may be necessary.

SurvXX: All devices are nominally compatible with SurvCE / SurvPC Version 6.08 with some [ caveats ].

External Radio: The i83, i93 and iBase have standard 7-pin LEMO (9-28 VDC power + RS-232) ports for connection to an external radio and power source. External power does not charge the internal batteries. All these devices support the CHC516 compressed correction format to extend Base run time.

External Power and Charging: The i73+, i83, i89, i93 have internal batteries which are charged by a Type-C cable. The iBASE batteries are charged in an included external 4-slot charger.

Network Cell Modem: The i83, i93 and iBASE have Quectel EG25-G LTE 4G modems with support for:
  LTE-FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28

Visual Receivers for
Visual Stakeout and Visual Survey

CHC Visual receivers (i89, i93) are ground breaking rovers.

The dual 25 fps, synchronous, global-shutter cameras allow stakeout automation and remote photogrammetry based surveys.

Coupled with an iBASE these receivers provide the best under canopy performance with simple field setup.

Driven with the 2024 Edition of LandStar8 these high performance Rovers save time and increase accuracy.

We strongly recommend that you consider purchasing i89 or i93 Rovers matched with an iBASE and LandStar8.

Details: [ Visual Stakeout/Survey ]

i73+ IMU-RTK GNSS (Base or Rover)

Small Portable

Integrated IMU GNSS with 1-watt Tx/Rx UHF Modem in a compact design.

The i73+ features a built-in Tx-Rx radio module compatible with major radio protocols, making it the perfect choice for a portable built-in UHF Base and Rover kit.

Network connections are possible via the data collector making the i73 a small and effective network rover.

( please call us for purchase suggestions for the i73+ )

[ Datasheet ]


i83 IMU-RTK GNSS (Base or Rover)


Smart and Versatile

Integrated IMU GNSS with 2-watt Tx/Rx UHF Modem and internal cell modem in a compact design.

Up to 34-hour operation as a UHF or network Rover.

7-pin LEMO for external RS-232 radio and extended power.

Network and Base-Rover pair kits are available with special pricing and delivery options, please call!

[ Datasheet ]

i89 2-Camera Compact Visual IMU-RTK GNSS

Pocket sized visual IMU RTK

Visual IMU GNSS with 1-watt Tx/Rx UHF Modem in a compact design.

Front and bottom facing high-speed synchronous, low-light cameras allow accurate, real-time augmented reality [ Visual Stakeout ] operation.

These premium cameras allow reliable survey-grade 3D coordinate extraction from real world video.

The i89's built-in, interference-free 200 Hz Auto-IMU eliminates the need for manual initialization and provides reliable measurements.




A high energy density battery provides up to 16 hours of operation. 18 watt intelligent, fast charging allows for a full battery charge in just 3-hours with standard Type C USB cables.

The i89 is IP68 rated and can withstand 2-meter drops.

[ Datasheet ]

i93 Visual IMU-RTK GNSS Receiver

Powerful visual surveying

Integrated Visual IMU GNSS with 2-watt Tx/Rx UHF Modem and internal cell modem in a compact design.

Up to 34-hour operation as a UHF or network Rover, 24-hours with cameras active. 18 watt intelligent, fast charging allows for an 8-hour charge in just 1-hour with standard Type C USB cables.

7-pin LEMO for external RS-232 radio and extended power.

  The i93's video photogrammetry technology enables accurate visual surveys, simplifying point measurements without the need for complex offset methods and making it possible to survey previously hard-to-reach, signal-obstructed, and hazardous locations.

The i93 can also be used to complement aerial surveys generated from oblique imagery since its data is compatible with the most popular 3D modeling software.

[ Datasheet ]

iBASE Purpose built UHF/Network Base

Rugged Integrated GNSS Base

1408 channel, full constellation tracking.

High-powered 5 watt internal UHF radio. Top mounted UHF antenna maximizes range. Can be used to retransmit network corrections.

12-hour operation at full power on 2 removable, internal batteries. No need for a heavy external battery or cables.

Internal cell modem for APIS, TCP/IP, or internal NTRIP Caster Base use.

8-GBytes of internal memory to store observation files.

IMU detects inadvertent base movement and stops survey.

7-pin LEMO for external power, RS-232 external radio.

The perfect match for Visual receivers.


[ Datasheet ]

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