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Visual Surveying data collectors

Visual Stakeout and Visual Survey (the camera functions) are supported only by [ LandStar8 ] field software. LandStar8 will run well on nearly any modern Android device. There are a few main specifications that should influence your data collector choice:

speed, size and weight, brightness, ruggedness, battery life

A few common devices are [ compared ] below.


For survey processes, all the but slowest devices will be fine.

However, the Visual Survey photogrammetry engine is fully compute bound. Processing times for the devices listed below vary from 2-seconds of processing for every 1-second of collection to over 30 to 1! If you plan to process Visual Surveys while in the field, consideration of processing speed is warranted, do not purchase a slow device.

Size and weight

While a large, high resolution screen is great for construction stakeout, the Tab Active 4 Pro, ORCA 2 and Algiz RT10 tablets are just too large and too heavy for boundary survey work when traversing through thick brush and trees. Heavy devices can wear the operator down after a day of range-pole handling.


Because all screens can be dimmed, there is no "too-bright device". Many devices sustain maximum brightness for a while and then drop the screen brightness as they heat up. Both the ORCA and Tripltek 9Pro have exceptional sustained brightness, which can be maintained indefinitely in extreme heat and direct sunlight without shutting down.

Inexpensive devices like the Samsung Tab 7 are just far too dim for outdoor use.


While padded cases are available for most devices, they insulate the tablet and cause premature overheating and they add significant additional weight to the pole.

Most rugged devices have IP68 or IP67 ratings and should be fine for survey use.

Battery life

Modern devices have sufficient battery capacity to work with the display at full brightness for at least 5-hours. Because it is possible to quick charge devices using Type-C charging very quickly, it is possible to maintain a full data collector battery by charging during normal breaks.

[ Anker Power Bank, Power IQ 3.0 Portable Charger with 30W, 10,000mAh ]

Cell modem is required

Because the tablet Wi-Fi connection is used between the Android device and the Visual receiver, you should only consider using Android devices that have cellular data modems. Do not consider a device without a 4G or 5G modem.

Device comparison

(Compiled 21 April 2024)

Our suggestions


  Google Pixel 7a (or which ever Google Pixel model is currently near end of life and on sale.
  Samsung Tab Active5, 12GB (Unlocked)


  Google Pixel 8 Pro
  Google Pixel 8
  TriplTek 9 Pro
  ORCA 2

Ability to work in extreme hot environments with strong sunlight

  TriplTek 9 Pro
  ORCA 2

Purchase links

These devices make great LandStar8 data collection devices.


Samsung Tab Active 5
Enterprise Edition
5G LTE Unlocked 128GB
[ Amazon ]
[ Samsung ]

[ Bracket ]
[ Pole Clamp ]
[ Short Coupler ]

Google Pixel 8

[ Google ]

[ Amazon

[ Bracket ]

Google Pixel 8 Pro [ Google ]

[ Amazon

[ Bracket ]


Tripltek 9 Pro

[ Tripltek ]

[ Amazon ]


[ Back Plate ]

[ Adjustable Arm ]

[ Pole Clamp ]


CHCNav LT800 [ Datasheet ]


Call iGage

[ Bracket ]
[ Pole Clamp ]
[ Short Coupler ]

Other Brackets

For tablets this magnetic holder is adjustable and works great, even for oversized tablets like the Tab Active 4.


For phone sized devices, this pole bracket is fantastic.


High quality, machined aluminum bracket for tablets.

[ Bracket ]


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