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Field Software Compatible with iGage / CHC GNSS receivers
and Zoom 90 / 95 Robotic Total Stations

Most iGage and all CHC GNSS receivers are compatible with four field software solutions:

Field Genius
Carlson SurvCE / SurvPC (versions 5.09 through 6.08) < [ Not recommended for new systems ]

The iG10 receivers are compatible with Stonex Cube-a and Field Genius only.

LandStar 8 2024 Edition (LS824)is the preferred field collection tool for all CHC, iGage iG8+iG9 equipment. It has excellent support for legacy equipment like the X91+, X900+. LS824 is the only tool that supports Visual Stakeout and Visual Survey. In addition, it is Fair Use and very reasonably priced. It is the only tool that includes a printed User Manual. iGage was directly responsible for the 2024 edition and can provide excellent support for LS824. For new applications (except for the iG10 receivers) we strongly recommend that you purchase LS8.

Between these packages there is excellent support for these field hardware collector platforms:

  • Existing Windows Mobile devices: like Juniper Systems Allegro 2 New Windows Mobile devices are EOL

  • Windows 10 Tablets: like the Juniper Systems Mesa 3, Microsoft Surface Go

  • Android Devices: multitude of tablets and phones

In addition, several other solutions can be utilized by enabling standard NMEA sentence output via the Bluetooth interface. ESRI Collector on Android devices works using this method.

The following table compares each of these Field data-collection solutions:

Manufacturer GeoMax MicroSurvey CHCNav Carlson Software
Product X-PAD Field Genius LandStar8
[ 2024 Edition ]
More Information X-PAD Info Field Genius Info LandStar8 Info SurvCE/PC Info
Supported Platforms Android Windows Mobile Android Windows Mobile
Windows Tablets
Other platform notes Windows Mobile previous Versions Windows Tablets   New Android version not full featured

$ 1,350


$ 1,350

Robotics $ 285
GIS $ 68
Volume $ 270
Roading $ 270
Locator $ 68
GNSS Basic

$ 995

TS Basic $ 995

$ 490

Manual TS +
Robotic TS
+ $200

$ 995

GNSS $ 1,250
+Robotics $ 500
+Roading $ 500
TS $ 1,500
GNSS $1,750
+Robotics $ 500
+Roading $ 500
Native Desktop Tool

X-PAD Fusion


  Carlson Survey

Yes, call


No No

X-Pert Reactivation
$ 270 / yr

Standard $ 595
Premium $ 895
Fair Use

$150 / major revision


$ 270 / yr


$ 149

Standard $ 195
Premium $ 295
updates are no charge

$150 / major revision

Demo Available

Yes, 30-days

Yes, 30-points

Yes, 30-day Yes, 11-points;
unlimited 30-days
License Transferable to a new data collector

Automatic with
Cloud based

Must be in maintenance, requires factory submission.

automated if current device is available
Yes, if not abused.
Supports Robotic Total Stations? Yes Yes Yes
Supports CHC X91+ / X900+ No Yes Yes
(V4 ... V6.08 only)
Supports iG8 Yes Yes Yes Yes
(V5.09 ... V6.08 only)
Supports iG9 / CHC i90 Yes Yes Yes Yes: SurvPC
(V6.08 only)
Supports GeoMax Zenith Receivers Yes Yes No Currently Yes
Future unknown.
Supports Zoom 90 Robot Yes
native support
Yes No Yes
Supports Zoom 95 Robot Yes
native support
Yes Yes Yes
Version 6.12 & above
Note: 6.12 is NOT
compatible with iGage/CHC equipment!
Device support list link [ Click ] [ Click ] GNSS: All CHC, eGPS, iG
TS: TPS1200, TS11, TS30, TS15, TM30
All CHC Visual
[ Click ]
Supports Ground scaled Measurements Yes Yes Yes, excellent Yes,
Complex setup
Supports Quadrant Bearings Yes, excellent Yes Yes, excellent Yes
Supports direct deed description input Yes, excellent No Yes Yes
Supports all USA SPC Projections? Yes Yes Yes + 2022 SPCS Yes
Supports USA County Projections? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Background Map Support Google: Map, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain; Bing: standard, Satellite; OSM; OpenTopoMap; ArcGIS Map; OviMap; Topo4u; Mapy; vWorld; Naver ( none ) Bing, Google, OSM, WMS/WFS Google: Satellite, Road, Hybrid, Terrain; OSM; ArcGIS REST; WMS; WMTS;
Factory Support Yes Excellent iGage Stuck at V6.08 for CHC/iGage equipment.
Other Disadvantages No X91+ Support   none No future support or upgrades for CHC/iGage, no commitment for
non-Carlson hardware.
General Notes     LandStar 8 2024 Edition is the preferred field collection tool for all CHC, iGage iG8+iG9 equipment.  
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