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X-PAD Accessories

Quick Links: [ TS Wired Connection ], [ Pole Brackets ], [ Android Keyboards ]

Checkout these [ Customer Built Solutions ]

My Total Station does not support Bluetooth! How do I connect to an Android device?

Check out the Gearmo USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter

It comes with both USB-C and USB-Micro connectors.

USB-C on Amazon ~$25

What is a good way to hold my Android phone on a survey pole?

There are hundreds of pole brackets available on Amazon that will work great with phones and tablets.

Motorcycle Phone Mount: ~$ 12

Bike Phone Holder: ~$ 17

hundreds more...

I need a real keyboard!

The Juniper Systems Allegro 3 is a great field solution.

If you want to sit down and enter a lot of data, a Bluetooth connected keyboard might be perfect. This one folds in half and fits in your pocket. When you open it up, it immediately connects to your Android device and is ready for extended data entry.

[ Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard ] ~$28

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