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General Videos

Even if you are an experienced GIS, Mapping or Survey user you may have some questions about the realities of precision GPS real-world use:

  • Grid vs. Ground Measurements
  • U.S. Survey Feet vs. International Feet
  • Reference Frames vs. Datum: WGS84, NAD83, NAD83-CORS96, NAD83-2011, ITRF2000...
  • Best Practices for Collecting Data in the Field
  • Ellipsoid vs. Orthometric Elevations: Hey! My GPS always reads elevations that are 100 feet off

Mark Silver's videos may help you sort out these questions. Here is a recommended viewing list:

#1 Thumbnail U.S. Survey Feet vs. International Feet

  0.3048 vs. 0.30480061 what is the difference?

#2 Thumbnail Grid vs. Ground Distance Measurements

  Why does my GPS measure distances short?

#3 Thumbnail Ellipsoid vs. Orthometric Elevations

  Why is the elevation on my GPS receiver off 70 feet?

# 4 Thumbnail Best Practices for Maximizing GPS Accuracy

  How do you hold your receiver while collecting data to maximize accuracy?

#5 Thumbnail OPUS Projects Example

Matches the American Surveyor Article found [ here ]

Other videos that you should watch:


#70 OPUS-RS: Forcing Solutions by excluding and including CORS

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#80.01 Recovering from the 'Creator's Edition' update to Windows 10 which destroys Windows Mobile Device Center.

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