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 30 August 2023: IMPORTANT X90-OPUS Information

Sometime around Monday August 28, 2023, all X90D receivers stopped recording raw data.

We have determined that while the OEM GPS boards are tracking GPS satellites and have valid autonomous positions, they appear to have stopped outputting raw RT17 data streams. This issue is not related to a GPS rollover event (the last one was in 2019, the next one in 2038). These OEM boards have been end of life, end of service, end of support for a while. There is no updated OEM firmware for them.

The X90's have been out of production since 2016, end-of-sales late 2016 and the iGage warranty for the last device sold ended in 2018.

We know that the X90 OPUS is one of the most popular devices we have ever sold and judging from the number of calls we have gotten, we also understand that many that were still in daily use.

iGage is offering a trade-in program for X90's: $490 trade-in, with prepaid return shipping for X90's traded-in before the end of 2023. This offer is valid for the following new static and RTK receivers: iG5, iG8a, iG9, BRx7, Zenith 60. Only the X90 head will need to be returned, the batteries, chargers, cables cases need not be returned. (Only receivers sold through iGage distribution with new devices shipping to the USA are eligible. Devices marked as stolen in our database are ineligible for trade-in.)

The logical Static Only replacement for the X90 is the iG5 ($2030 with Trade-In). It uses the same download tool, has the same turn-on operation, has a standard USB Type C connector, is much smaller, runs for ~15-hours on the internal battery and has a Wi-Fi server for configuration and for use as a UAV NTRIP Server base. More information can be found here: https://iggps.com/iG5/iG5.htm.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to call or write us: 801-412-0011 x0, support@igage.com.

iGage Mapping Corporation
1545 S 1100 E STE 1
Salt Lake City UT 84105 USA


The X90-OPUS and X900-OPUS have been replaced by the new iG5

[ Click Here for iG5 Information ]
X90-OPUS GPS X900S-OPUS GNSS UAV Ground Control
$2,450 $3,590 $9,490
24 GPS Channels
  L1 C/A code, L2C,
  L1/L2 full cycle carrier
  [ Detailed Specifications ]

120 GNSS channels, 3 constellations:
  GPS: L1C/A, L1C, L1P, L2 P(Y), L2C
BeiDou: B1
[ Detailed Specifications ]

5 receiver kit
  for complete UAV
  Ground Control
  [ Detailed Information ]
  • Designed for NGS OPUS Static & RS, perfect for OPUS Projects and all Static GPS Campaigns

  • Simple download tool supports OPUS, AUSPOS, RTX CenterPoint, IBGE with automated uploading and submittal

  • Large ground-plane geodetic antenna offers low angle tracking and near chokering performance

  • Simple one-button (power-switch) operation, emulates USB External Drive for download

  • Printed User Manual makes use and OPUS processing simple [ User Manual ]

  • 4-GB Internal Memory: stores 100+ days of 1-second observation data

  • Rugged, Waterproof, Submersible, IP67,

  • Affordable prices include 3-day shipping to most locations in the USA

  • Campaign kits [ available ]

  • For affordable, high performance GNSS-RTK receivers [ click here ]

X9-OPUS Benefits

Easy to Use: One-Button Operation
Simple Data Management: Mounts as a USB Disk Drive
Automatic Download and Submittal: Single button download, automatic submission to OPUS
Reasonable Price: Campaigns benefit from additional receivers,
1/2 the price of other L1/L2/L2C receivers
Rugged receiver with hard-shell case: The X90-OPUS and X900S-OPUS will provide years of service


  • OPUS-RS Availability [ Map ]


iGage Mapping Corporation
1545 South 1100 East STE 1
Salt Lake City UT 84105 USA

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