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iGA UHF Antenna

This UHF whip antenna is a custom full size λ end-fed whip antenna
with 5dB gain and a Center Frequency of 462.888 MHz. It includes a 140000031 BFME-TNC
adapter and is suitable for all RTK GPS receivers with a standard TNC antenna connection:

MSRP $62.00
[ ProCom PN 140000182 + PN 140000031 ]
Length 1.23 feet.

This antenna has several advantages that may help with radio range:
  • high gain (5 dB when compared to a 1/4 λ)
  • custom center frequency centered in the range of most RTK licenses
  • high quality TNC connector
  • 1/2 λ (wavelength) antenna that does not require a ground plane
  • appropriate for transmitters up to 25 watts

There is an advantage to using the higher gain antenna on both the base and rover.

The advantage of a 1/2 λ antenna over a 1/4 λ in open air is substantial.
Consider these common antennas:

compared with the iGA whip in open air with no ground plane:

Lower SWR is better, allowing more power to transfer between the antenna and radio.

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