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iG10 GNSS Receiver

Powerful precision performance

The iG10 is equipped with a 1408 channel high-performance GNSS board and supports multiple satellite constellations: GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO and QZSS.

With both a 4G LTE GSM modem and an optional integrated UHF Transmit / Receive radio, the iG10 is a perfect Network Rover or Base / Rover pair.

The optional IMU provides quick initialization and up to 60 tilt compensation.

Dual slots for two smart hot swappable batteries provide up to 12 hours of battery life. Battery power levels are shown on the controller or directly on a LED bar on top of the battery.

The iG10 works great with these field software packages:

Stonex Cube-a
Microsurvey Field Genius

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Cube-a Field Software




Checkout the [ iGage Extended Finance Program ].

Please call iGage 888-450-4922 for a written estimate and to confirm availability. These sale prices are valid for 30-days with a written quotation only.



Cube-a is a professional solution for surveying and GIS field data collection.

Designed and developed for the Android platform, Cube-a has simple and intuitive user interface that is ready for any surveying process, saving time and increasing productivity.

Full support for touch-based gestures, on both Smart phones and Tablets is the key to Cube-as success.

Cube-a is a modular application which can be customized as needed: GNSS, Robotic and Classic Total Stations, GIS and 3D Modeling modules can be enabled to fulfill project needs.



Cube-a for GNSS RTK, GIS and Total Station surveys makes work quick and easy, ensuring high productivity with precision and efficiency.


Cube-a is compatible with iG10 GNSS Receivers. It supports Rover, Rover Stop&Go, Base and Static modes. Various screens provide useful information on the status of the GNSS receiver including the position and the signal quality of the Atlas satellite.


Various screens provide useful information on the status of GPS Satellites and Signals.


A simple and intuitive survey interface with numerous indicators helps the surveyor to understand receiver solutions. Indicators show various information like solution status, position precision, battery levels, RTK correction delays and more. Intuitive screens allow for an easy change of settings, a view of the collected points, adding new CAD elements and drawings or proceed surveying.


To improve and complete the survey and stakeout functions, use the Photo & Sketch. This function can be used while surveying or even on the already acquired points: taking photos, adding notes, overlaying position with annotation arrows or simple hand drawn sketches.


A compact interface groups all the stakeout commands on one screen for easier field work. Stakeout screens are enriched with both graphical and analytical indicators which guide the surveyor to the target point. Even on small displays, the information and commands are always smartly arranged and readable, buttons are easily clickable and rarely used buttons can be reduced to leave more map space.


Cube-a includes a smart and easy to use CAD feature. Designed for touch it allows easy points, line and polyline creation with a smart pointer which can be moved using one finger. Object-snaps like point, mid-point, endpoint, intersection and others makes it possible to integrate the survey with new elements directly in the field.


Cube-a has fully supports mixed surveys. A Cube-a survey supports GPS points and classical total station in the same project. Total stations can be setup on previously collected GPS points or on unknown positions initialized using re-sectioning. The GPS reference system can be localized to match an existing survey in local coordinates. Cube-a Total Stations via Bluetooth.


GIS functionalities are integrated in the workflow of standard GPS surveying. Thanks to Cube-as ability to collect, not only single points but also to automatically draw vectors passing through the collected points, GIS surveying becomes fast and easy.

Feature code with attributes is automatic and automatically follows the point or vector acquisition. Data forms can be freely defined using the integrated Feature Set designer or automatically created by Cube-a starting from a sample DBF file.

Import and export of standard shapefiles ensures the compatibility and interoperability of Cube-a with virtually all other GIS software.

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