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All Topo Maps V7 Historic Map Collections

Historic Map Sets:

Select All Topo Map V7 Professional sets now include historic content. These sets include most:

  • 15-Minute Maps (1:62,500 Scale)
  • Older 1:24,000 Quadrangles
  • 125,000 Reconnaissance Maps

Plus all of the latest maps, new BLM 100K Surface Management maps and all of the map content from previous All Topo versions. (You can use the links below to list and preview all of the available maps.)

If you have existing V7 Pro map set (same state), you can update to the latest DVD content (which includes these historic maps) at a reduced price. If you have an existing V6 map set, you may also update at a reduced price.


Historic Map Sets are available for these states, click the links for map lists and thumbnails:

[ Arizona ] [ California ] [ Colorado ] [ Four Corners ] [ Idaho ] [ Montana ]
[ New Mexico ] [ Nevada ] [ Oregon ] [ Utah ] [ Washington ] [ Wyoming ]


NEW If the Historic Map Set will be your first All Topo Maps product, except for 'Four Corner' sets which are $325.

California Historic
sets have 36 DVDs and cost $275
$ 245.00
CA $ 275
ADDON If you already have at least one All Topo V7 Map Set, but have not purchased a matching state

California Historic
Add-On sets have 36 DVDs and cost $155
$ 125.00
 CA $ 155
UPGRADE If you have already own a matching All Topo V7 Pro map set on CD or DVDs

California Historic upgrade sets have 36 DVDs and cost $144
$ 114.00
 CA $ 144
V6 If you already own an All Topo Map V6 Utah Map Set (please call the factory to purchase an upgrade map set as they are not available online)

California Historic V6 upgrade sets have 36 DVDs and cost $174
 $ 147.00
CA $ 174

Call your All Topo Map dealer or the Igage factory (+1 801-412-0011 x0) for assistance.


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