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All Topo Maps V7 Pro


All Topo Maps Version 7 Professional DVD map sets are available for the entire United States and US protectorates.  All Topo Maps are also available preloaded in 'Attached Storage Map Boxes' covering regions or all sets.

V7 Pro map sets include all of the topographic maps for an entire state and an elevation model. The V7 viewer allows you to easily find the location you are interested in (by place name, map name, location or by PLS Township & Range). All maps are shown at 250 DPI resolution from the base scans. A GPS interface tool (ATMGPS) allows you to transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between AllTopo and your GPS receiver.

Once you purchase a base AllTopo map set, additional states are highly discounted (only the base map set includes a manual.)

Features: The V7 viewer does everything that our previous products have done and adds new tools and features targeted at the professional map user. V7 fully supports State Plane Coordinates with HARN adjustments, Military Grid Reference System coordinates, National Grid Reference System coordinates, Geographic (Lat/Lon), UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) and with the optional PLS tool AllTopo supports Public Land Coordinates styles including Township, Range, Sections, fractional sections and footage offsets.

AllTopo V7 exchanges data with most GIS products using Shape Files. AllTopo V7 exports full resolution, royalty free GeoTIFF (or JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP) images. AllTopo V7 includes tools to export high resolution Digital Elevation Models in DEM or XYZ format.

The complete All Topo Training DVD is available for viewing online:

[ Training Video: Click Here! ]

How All Topo Maps are made...


BigTopo9 exports maps to Garmim

Why Purchase "All Topo Maps V7 Pro"?

  • AllTopo includes the latest maps! Igage continuously scans new topographic maps and makes them available by automatic internet download. Other products may be missing a substantial number of recently updated maps.
    [ more about  New Maps ]

  • AllTopo includes more map scales! AllTopo includes all of the available topographic maps:
     1:24/25,000 (7.5 minute series)
     1:100,000 scale
     1:250,000 scale maps.
     (Alaska includes every available 1:24,000, 1:63,360, 1:100,000 and 1:250,000 scale map.)
     (The Island set includes several 1:50,000 scale maps.)
    Competing products are missing the 1:100,000 or 1:250,000 scale maps or donít have the BLM surface management (land ownership) maps.

  • Royalty and Attribution Free Maps: Any map exported from All Topo may be used without regard to royalty and attribution. Other products require their logos, attribution or specific authorization to use exported maps. All Topo Map DVDís can even be copied and stored on your hard-drive, the copy tool is part of the viewing software. All Topo Maps are the only reasonable choice for print and web authors!
    [ read the iGage Release for Royalty and Attribution ]

  • High Resolution Scans: AllTopo Maps are distributed on DVD-ROMs at 250DPI using lossless compression. Every map in the AllTopo collection are scanned at 400 to 600 DPI and intelligently resampled and reprojected to 250 DPI. (Competitor's products are distributed at 118 to 160 DPI.)
    [ checkout image comparisons ]

    AllTopo maps are color normalized so you can disable layers or enhance colors.
    [ more about color normalization in Changing Map Colors ]

  • Printed 300 Page User's Manual and 9-hours of Video Training: All Topo Map Pro map sets include a detailed printed User's Manual and a 3-DVD training video set.
    [ more about the Manual and Training DVDs ]

  • Huge maps can be exported and printed at full 250 DPI resolution: There is no limit (other than the operating systemís ability to open huge files) on the size of exported maps from AllTopo. The included BigTopo9 export will export maps in UTM, Lat/Lon, equal area Lat/Lon and State Plane projections.
    [ more about BigTopo maps ]

  • Reasonable pricing that rewards users with multiple map sets
    [ more about Add-On sets ]

  • GIS Ready: Support for GeoTIFF images, Shapefiles, GPX, exports DEM and XYZ elevation models.
    [ more about GIS compatibility ]





  • Exchanges waypoints, routes, and tracks with all Garmin, Lowrance, Magellan/Thales/Ashtech handheld GPS receivers (including USB, GPX and file based GPS systems).

  • Live Tracking with your laptop.



High Performance Professional Viewer:

BigTopo9 (an enhanced BigTopo7) is included with all All Topo V7 Map Sets. BigTopo9 reprojects exported maps to State Plane, Geographic and equal-area Geographic projections in a variety of datum.


Full Datum Support: NAD27, NAD83, WGS84, WGS72, INTL 1924, Hawaiian Datum. Supports NADCON interpolations and Molodensky approximations. more...

Elevation and Profile Tools: Dispersion, Line-of-Sight, visual corridors, radio link viability, radio dispersion coverage, elevation ranking, export to standard DEM/XYZ files and path profiling. more...


Supports direct entry of Public Land Survey coordinates (optional PLS Tool required): "SEľ NWľ Sec 20 T 32N R 79W PM6" and "3,316 W 3,178 N from SE Sec 20 T 32N R 79W PM6" uniquely describe geographic locations. more...

Project waypoints, compass bearing, survey angles, magnetic north, true north, state plane grid north, UMT grid north, any distance units! more on the projection tool...

Draw Property Boundaries Direct entry/display of linear metes and bounds descriptions using survey angles: "N45.2307W". North Bearing and Declination: direct entry/conversion True North, Magnetic North (using world magnetic data), UTM Grid North and State Plane Grid North.  more...

Directly reads 'Deed Plotter+' interpreted descriptions with support for curves! more...

Checkout chapter 21 in the All Topo Training video for Deed Plotter and Metes and Bounds examples:  [ Traning Video: Click Here! ]


All Topo will export any map, portion of a map, arbitrary seamed coverage combining many maps as: TIF images with GeoTIF extensions, GIF images, BMP images, or PNG compressed images. more...


A DEM Export tool is included to export full resolution DEM or XYZ elevation grid files. The export tool will automatically export 30 meter spacing DEM files with single quadrangle coverage, or you can export custom spacing and areas. Supports UTM, Lat/Lon and State Plane export grids/coordinates and supported datum! more...

Better printing and plotting control. Automatically tiles huge images to multiple printed pages with adjustable overlap margins and alignment ticks. Explicit control of RIP (Raster Image Processing) method to control speed, quality and print job size.

Triangulate annotations: with bearings from two known locations All Topo will calculate an intersecting coordinate and add an annotation! more on triangulation...

Checkout chapter 22 in the All Topo Training video for Triangulation examples:  [ Traning Video: Click Here! ]

Annotation file backup/restore and project packaging. New two keystroke (Ctrl-S Enter) automatically compresses and saves your current annotation set to a uniquely named backup file; project packaging saves your entire project to a single file (useful for archives and sending large projects to a service provider for printing.) more...

The Annotation Source Editor now dependably edits files of unlimited (supposedly 3-billion characters) size.  

The 'Convert' button is back with even more functionality. (The removal of the 'Convert' function years ago generated the largest firestorm of complaints in our history!)

All Topo now honors your coordinate styles and comments in source files and does not reformat them to decimal degrees!

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